Sunday, September 18, 2011

Board of Directors

Roberto V. Garcia - Chairman
Rafael L. Reyes - CEO
Benjamin Antonio III
Philip Camara
Ramon Sesdoyro
Norberto Sosa
Gerald Sam Del Rosario
Francis Garcia
Bienvenido Benitez
Alfonso S.P. Siapno
Wilfredo S. Pineda

For more information about the Board of Directors
you may contact the Corporate Secretary at (6347) 252 - 4173

President Aquino appointed the following on Jan. 4, 2011:
Benjamin Antonio III, representing the private sector, replacing Eddie Tamondong;
Philip Camara, representing the private sector, replacing Jesus Vicente Magsaysay II;
Ramon Sesdoyro , representing the private sector, replacing Francis Garcia;
Norberto Sosa, representing the private sector, replacing Ma. Victoria Pineda;
Gerald Sam Del Rosario, representing the business and investment sector, replacing Ricardo Coscolluela; and
Francisco Licuanan, representing the business and investment sector, replacing Alvin Capino
Francis S. Garcia was re appointed by PNoy
While Rafael Reyes did not report for work until July 2011
Olongapo nominated Anne Gordon but still awaits her appointment expected August 2011
Payumo said that PNoy signed a new appointment for SBMA administrator 2nd week of July 2011, people are speculating with the following names, Mike Macapagal, Gov. Deloso, Inky Reyes, Dondi Alikpala and just recently... the name of Joven Reyes...

We were told that Arreza will not stay a day longer in his post as administrator. He officially took over the helm of SBMA 23 September 2005 ... which means we can expect change of command on or before that day... Malacanang will release the names of new directors and sbma administrator on a day very close to the turn-over to minimize attacks to the new appointees.

Olongapo City Subic Bay News Philippines May bagong lumabas na pangalan para maging SBMA administrator, si Joven Reyes daw na Bancnet President
August 1 at 2:52pm

SBMA Administrator ACA appointed Stef to be the OIC coz PNoys appointees are not taking it. As we said earlier, Armand will not stay even a day longer in 229

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